What is the encryption currency Gateway (GTW)?

What is the encryption currency Gateway (GTW)?

Gateway (GTW) was created for the construction of a shrine that enshrines the god of sacred encryption currency, the development of the entire cryptographic currency.


It is a gateway of a shrine and passing the gateway means that you are entering the divine space.

Every day, I made it as a coin worshiping the god of the cryptic currency that will give us the test of grace and great famine.

Construction and development of shrines

A pilgrimage to God


Correct information of encryption currency

For the future of encryption currency

A gift to God

Purchase of Omikuji / Amulet (Under preparation * Request engineer)

Etc … · · · It is used for the development of encryption currency. We will update the activity contents so please bookmark this page by all means.

What is a cryptographic currency shrine?

It has long been considered that God exists in rice grains, such as the god of mountain, the god of rice field, the god of the toilet (god Kawafayami), god of the kitchen, and so on in Japan.

There is the word “god of eight million,” and it is said that God exists in all things.

Of course, there are numerous gods in the cryptographic currency, and I think that it is the role of cryptic currency shrine to worship that god spirit.

Points to note when purchasing / possession

If you think about purchasing this cryptographic currency Gateway (GTW), it is given the right to purchase and possess only those who believe that the cryptic currency will prosper for the sacred gods.


This currency was made as an entrance to the shrine that worshiped God that. Please keep that teaching and have purchase / possession possession of cryptographic currency development and gratitude to God.

Please never purchase / possess it for investment purpose.